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Tribal Tourism in India

The Indian Society is not as simple as it looks from the outside. India has a large number of tribal people who still belong to a social set-up, of which very little is known. These tribes who stay in different parts of the country are still to come out of their traditional way of life and join the mainstream. Not-with-standing this apparent aloofness, these tribes are very much a part of Indian society. Having a culture and tradition that is distinctly different from others, the tribals still occupy the yet to be discovered horizons.


Modern India has many indigenous tribes that even today retain their primitive customs and their lives are directly associated with their natural surroundings. The tribals in India, are the pro-environmental communities who are fighting to protect rivers, lands and forest that make for their livelihood. The congruity that exist between local tribals and Nature only helps in making tribal territories full of exotic bio-diversities.


In the western part of the country, in Rajasthan and Gujarat you can witness a way of life that is colorful, while in South India, the skillful craftsmanship of Todas of Nilgiri Hills will fascinate you. Their pastoral way of life clearly brings out the beauty in simplicity. In Central India, in the picturesque Jharkhand, you will get to see the Santhals and the tribals of Bastar. The Santhals are one of the oldest tribals living in India. Again, the north-eastern tribes of India are known for their traditional songs and dances, their colorful handmade clothing and intricately woven bamboo handicrafts.


There are often more to be seen than what meet the eyes. The tribal society is always a thing of great interest. With a well chalked out tour to any of these places you will be able to explore the roots of a multicultural and multilingual India, where unity in diversity is the essence of national spirit.

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